U5-U7 Program Overview


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  • Each week U5-U7 teams will have two different 15 minute drills alternating with two 15 minute games.
  • The fields will already be set up for the kids and the kids will only need to move back and forth between the game field and the drill field, which are directly adjacent to one another.
  • Two teams will be on each field and depending on the schedule some teams will start on the games field and others will start on the drill field.
  • After 30 min or the halfway mark, we have a 10 min break for snack and water

Game format

  • Games will run for about 15.
  • The two team coaches will run the games as game leaders.  All game leaders are asked to do the 30 minutes game leader certification offered by the OSA:  Click here for details.
  • No score is kept. This is just for fun.
  • No referees, just the game leaders.
  • 4v4 format (when possible) between the two teams. (Sometimes teams will need to share players when one team does not have enough players).
  • When a ball goes out of play, one of the managers/coaches will provide a new ball to be passed or dribbled into play by a player on the defensive team.  A prompt of “ready, set, go” will be used to help encourage quick restarts.
  • There are no throw ins or kick ins at this level.
  • Players will be rotated as often and as evenly as possible.


Training Format

  • The drills will run for 15.
  • CUSC will provide Technical Coaches to run the drills/practice, as designed by our Club Head Coach. (Parent coaches are asked to help out once the Technical Coaches have demonstrated the drill).
  • At this level, the drills are designed with the LTPD in mind, and will focus on developing their basic ball skills as well as agility and coordination, in addition to their soccer skills.  At the same time, we try to keep the drills fun and exciting.
  • Discipline will be primarily the responsibility of the team’s parent coaches.  
  • Each CUSC Technical Coaches and staff will be responsible for the setup and tear down of the equipment at the beginning and end of each practice. Parents and players are welcome to assist.
  • Each 15 minute segment will be ended by a whistle or blow horn sounded by the field coordinator.  At that time, the teams will accompany their parent coach/manager to the next field.

field setup


Every 15 minutes, teams will swap between 2 fields from training to games.

movement of teams

Half Time – 10 minutes

At half time, Technical Coaches will move their drill to the adjacent field, switching with the coach/coaches who were working beside them. 

half time 10 minutes

Millennium during Micro Session

Technical Station (2x 15 minutes):

At Millennium parent coach

Millennium during Micro Session

Games Station (2 x 15 mins):

At Millennium mocro session


  • 6:00pm – Technical Coaches arrive at field and prepare the training fields.
  • 6:30pm first 15 min session starts with the kids
  • 6:45 pm players change fields (game to drill or vice versa).
  • 7 pm half time break for snacks and water.
  • 7:10 pm third session starts.
  • 7:25 pm players change fields for the 4th and final session.
  • 7:40 pm end of session, Technical Coaches will start to pick up equipment. 

Issues on the field

  • NOTE: our Technical Coaches are mostly adolescents, who have played in our club for years and are working to share their skills and knowledge with these very young players. If you have an issue please address it with our Technical Coaches in a professional manner. If you are not satisfied with the response, you can address it to the field supervisor.
  • You can also contact the Micro Director or the Club Head Coach, Pavel Cancura, at the following e-mails microdirector@cumberlandsoccer.com or cuscheadcoach@cumberlandsoccer.com
  • If you have ideas that can improve the Development Program send your ideas to the Micro Director for consideration. 

Micro Development

  • The program is designed with the Canadian Soccer Association’s Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model as the underlying foundation.
  • Through various games/drills/activities, the program will develop your children in the elements that they should be learning at this young stage in their development.  Namely, the program will focus on the fundamentals of technical development, SAQ (speed, agility and quickness), athletic coordination, as well as 1v1 and 2v2 play.  Each player will participate in a variety of games and activities each week, aimed at developing some combination of those core focuses, and allowing our young players to continue their development as soccer players and athletes. 
  • We want this program to give our Micro players an added opportunity to both develop as players and athletes, and to plant the seeds for a lifelong enjoyment of a sport that we as a coaching staff are all passionate about.  On the next slide, please take the time to read an excerpt from the LTAD outlining the developmental needs for players at the micro level.  

ltpd stage 2 fundamentals

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