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See the Eligible Volunteer Activities Chart below for a list of volunteering activities.

You thought that the only way to volunteer was as a Team Coach?

Many think this, however volunteers fulfill a wide range of services and responsibilities at all levels of any sport organization. Volunteers can be coaches, as well as, team officials and administrators.

These individuals, working in the trenches of sport, collectively have a profound effect on the experience of thousands of young athletes and their parents.  It is their efforts that influence the decisions to begin and maintain involvement in sport. While team officials, coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers make an immeasurable contribution to the success of the club, there are many other volunteers who contribute to each successful season.  

Simply put, without volunteers, our Club, as we know it, would not exist.

With the Club growing strong and an increasing burden being placed on a small group of dedicated Club members, it became evident that steps were required to ensure proper provision of service to the membership. Volunteers are the nuts and bolts needed to operate our Club, allowing us to continue offering a superior quality program at reasonable rates. Approximately 850 volunteers per year are required to run our Club. We encourage you to step forward and help in one of the many different volunteer opportunities offered. 

In order to fulfill our need for volunteers for the upcoming season, each family is required to sign up for one specific volunteer activity.  Only ONE family member, age fourteen (14) or older, has to fulfill this requirement. All YOUTH REGISTRATIONS will include a $50 per family non-volunteer fee, which will be credited to your registration account as soon as the volunteer commitment has been officially recognized by the CUSC.

We recognize that not all families are able to volunteer. Families in this situation can opt out of volunteering by checking the appropriate box on the player registration form. In this event, the $50 per family volunteer fee will be used to support the many activities offered by the Club to the players.  

Our volunteer tracking system will allow us to track all volunteer involvement by family. While we will make every effort to assign volunteers to their priority choice, we cannot guarantee the availability of the chosen volunteer role. Families who do not indicate a second choice will limit their options of meeting the volunteer requirement should only one choice be indicated. 

You will be able to sign up for some volunteer roles upon registration and you will be contacted as needed by the Volunteer Director. Other roles will be posted on the CUSC website as the need arises. We strongly encourage all families to check the website regularly and sign up early for volunteer tasks as they are filled on a first come, first served basis. Occasionally, due to last minute volunteer needs, we will contact members by e-mail and/or phone, as per the information in the registration database.

Sign up and learn a new skill.  Take advantage of the benefits of being a volunteer and being satisfied with a job well done!

The CUSC would prefer not to increase net operational income from this fee. However, as not all families will be able to volunteer, along with a limit of volunteer opportunities for the CUSC, an increase in net operational income is anticipated. Should this happen, the CUSC is committed to allocating these funds in a manner that will benefit the Community or the entire membership in the following priority:

  1. Supplying financial aid for soccer registration fees and uniform expenses to those Orleans families in need who may otherwise be unable to play soccer.
  2. Funding coaching and players clinics.
  3. Hiring additional resource support staff to assist in areas where there are insufficient volunteers.
  4. Any further excess net operational revenue arising from the volunteer fee will be allocated to a Board-approved fund for future development of the CUSC.

Please note that the following items are not considered eligible for completion of the CUSC volunteer service:

  1. Volunteer activities related exclusively to the adult league (there is no volunteer fee for the adult league)
  2. Volunteering to satisfy academic community service requirements.

For further information, please see the Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions on our FAQ page.


Note: Some credits will be processed automatically according to the dates shown in the ‘Service Completion Timing’ column. Most credits will require the Club Director in charge of the ‘Activity’, to record and report the completed volunteer commitments for the ‘Activity’, to the Volunteer Director.

Upon receipt of a volunteer service, the Volunteer Director will update the database and, if the $50 volunteer fee was paid, post a credit to the account.  Credits will be posted within 30 days of receipt of the confirmation or the automatic credit date.

In the service completion timing column, (A) means the credit will be processed automatically on the date shown and (R) means the responsible Director will report their volunteers to the Volunteer Director once the service completion timing commitment has been fulfilled.





Service Completion Timing

Board of Directors and Convenors

CUSC Board of Directors

Member of the Cumberland United Board of Directors.  Elected at the AGM each Fall or joining the Board thereafter, should vacancies occur between AGMs.




Assist the Directors and Club level managers in evaluations and team formation for the age group as well as Team-Club liaison through the season.

Feb - Aug

June 30th(R)


Tournament Committee

Responsible for the Snakebite Tournament


After 2 meetings (R)

Soccer Events

Soccer Days

Assist House League Directors and Managers to run Cumberland Soccer Day

4 hours

After Cumberland Soccer Day (R)

Snakebite Tournament

Assist Tournament Committee to run the Snakebite Tournament (team registration, field marshals, field equipment, canteen workers, runners)

4 hours

July 15th(R)

Support to the CUSC


Translation of website information and bulletins

One assignment

After assignment (R)

Getting Season Started

Uniform Distribution

Assist with the fitting and handout of the uniforms and numbering as needed

4 hours during March and May

After Activity (R)

Pinney Laundering

Launder pinneys at the beginning and end of the season

2-3 loads of laundry

After Activity (R)

Equipment Distribution

Assist with equipment handout or return

4 hrs in March or

4 hrs in August

After Activity (R)

Telephone Assistance

Assist Program Directors with pre-Summer and Pre-Fall season phone calls to parents and players regarding special sessions such as evaluations and indoor dome programs.

4 hrs or upon completion of

team lists provided, whichever is later

After Activity (R)

Evaluation Assistance


Administratively assist the Club Directors with the league player evaluations

4 hours

After Activity (R)




Maximum two per Team (U5, U6 and U7)

One per Team (U8 and up)

February - September

End of August with completion of player evaluations (A)

Assistant Coach

Maximum two per team (U8 and up)

May - September

End of August with completion of player evaluations (A)


Maximum one per team (U8 and up)

Maximum two per team (Competitive Cobra or Academy only)

May - September

June 1st(A)

Team Treasurer

Competitive Cobra or Academy only.  Maximum one per team.

May - September

June 1st(A)

Team Equipment Manager

Carries equipment and sets up field for games for Youth (U13-U18) Competitive Cobra or Academy only.  Maximum one per team

May - September

June 1st(A)


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For all inquiries, please email contact Volunteers@cumberlandsoccer.com.



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